2020/02/04 Urgent Survey! China, Hong Kong or Macau and 14 Days in Self-Quarantine

Dear parents, students, and IBST faculty,

In accordance with the recent Ministry of Education announcement in regards to safeguards with the novel coronavirus outbreak, please take 14 days off in self-quarantine if you have been to/ have taken a flight transferring from/ or plan to take a flight transferring from China, Hong Kong or Macau. Students, please notify the date to Ms. Jenny or Ms. Estrella; IBST faculty, please inform the personnel office or Foreign Teacher Liaison Ms. Lani immediately. The second semester starting date has been postponed to 2/25. The closing ceremony will now be on 7/14. There will be no make-up school day on 2/15. Please refer to the school calendar for future updated events. Before the second semester begins, the school needs to complete a student-faculty survey ASAP to report to the MOE. IBST needs to report to the MOE on daily basis through Mr. Kao, the military teacher in campus safety center of NNKIEH.

Thank you in advance for your notification and cooperation.