2020/02/19 2019-2020 2nd Semester Opening Day Schedule & A Warm Reminder for Covid-19 Epidemic Prevention

National Nanke International Experimental High School
IBST Opening Day Schedule
Date: February 25th, 2020(Tuesday)
Time Content Location Remarks
Covid-19 Epidemic Prevention & Disinfection
Homeroom Hour
Public Area
★Covid-19 Epidemic Prevention & Disinfection
★Textbook Distribution
★Get cleaning tools
★Distributing forms
1) Class Leaders
2) Lunch Fee
3) Field Trip Consent Form
4) Swimming Survey
5) Others
★Cleaning Job Assignment
Regular Classes begin Classroom ★Regular Classes begin
A Warm Reminder for Covid-19 Epidemic Prevention & Disinfection
1. From 7:40-16:05 M-F, please keep the doors, the lower and upper windows open in your classroom for air circulation.
2. Every morning, please take temperature at home, mark it on the daily planner and only come to the school when you don’t have a fever. Please bring several face masks for preparation. Wear a face mask when you don’t feel well and get the temperature taken by the nurse. Please go home when your ear temperature is > 38.0℃. Please rest home and avoid going out when you have fever, cold symptoms.
3. Please disinfect the door knobs, outlets, desks, chairs, computer keyboards, mice, etc. in the classrooms and the public areas with 1:100 (bleach: water) 3 times (7:40, 12:40, 16:05) a day. Homeroom teachers are in charge of the homerooms and the public areas. Subject teachers are in charge of your own subject rooms.
4. Implement hand washing, respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette. Do not share food or drink, maintain personal hygiene habits. Wash your hands with soap frequently. Don’t talk while eating. Sit separately with distance.
5. Please wear a self-prepared face mask if you have respiratory symptoms, such as cough or runny nose. The health center only provides spare masks for teachers and students with fever, respiratory symptoms for emergency needs.
6. Every class has a 75% alcohol bottle as a hand sanitizer in the homeroom. Please use with caution and avoid spraying on mouth, eyes, and nose. Bring the empty bottle to the admin office for a refill.
7. Don’t spray the 75% alcohol bottle to disinfect the classrooms or public areas. Don’t spray alcohol on your body or near fire sources to avoid accidents.
8. If a student has fever and respiratory symptoms in school, s/he must wear a face mask and be placed in a separate isolation space (the school security center) until being picked up by parents. All visitors need to wear masks and have temperature taken by the security guard.
9. If there is a suspected case in the class, please notify your homeroom teacher, the admin office and the health center immediately, and disinfect the environment again.
Thank you.