2021/04/26 The EE 30 Under 30 Class of 2021

Nominations are now open for the Class of 2021!
Deadline: May 5, 11:59pm US Eastern Time

How are you harnessing the power of education to shape a sustainable and equitable world? We want to know! NAAEE has opened the search to find 30 game-changing leaders under 30 years of age who are using environmental education to build a sustainable future for all.

We know that environmental education AND leadership take many different forms. Recognizing the complexity of achieving a sustainable and equitable future, we welcome applicants from across sectors and disciplines. We look forward to hearing from you about your (or your nominee's) unique role in creating sustainable change in our communities. You can read more about what environmental education is and why it matters here, but that is just one definition!

The EE 30 Under 30 Class of 2021 will receive global recognition for their work and join a growing alumni community of inspiring EE leaders, with ongoing opportunities for professional development and networking. Since 2016, NAAEE's EE 30 Under 30 program has recognized 150 individuals from 34 countries who are making a difference through EE. This program is made possible by the Global Environmental Education Partnership, Wells Fargo, and the U.S. Forest Service.

Please direct any questions to Nina Hamilton at sends e-mail)

主旨:函轉行政院環境保護署檢送北美環境教育學會(NAAEE) 舉辦之西元2021年EE30 Under 30(全球環境教育青年領 袖選拔)活動資訊。
一、依據教育部臺教資(六)字第1100045640號函轉行政院環境 保護署110年3月30日環署綜字第1101041294號函辦理。
二、北美環境教育學會已持續第6年發掘全球多元的環境青年領 袖。今(110)年的獲選者將可以加入歷屆得獎者的網絡, 持續獲得交流、培訓等專業成長的機會,請踴躍報名參 加;相關報名資訊內容如下: (一)報名條件:出生於80年1月1日(含)以後者,建議活動 適用對象為全國高中(職)、大專院校學生及30歲以下 之有志青年。 (二)報名或提名期限:美東時間西元2021年5月5日23時59分 (臺灣時間110年5月6日11時59分)。 (三)活動線上說明會:美東時間西元2021年4月5日10時(臺灣時間110年4月5日22時),會議註冊網址:。
三、詳細資訊可逕至活動網頁查詢,網址: https://naaee. org/our-work/programs/ee-30-under-30。
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