2021/05/17 【Kind reminder】Important Announcement regarding COVID-19 Policy (0517)

Dear IBST teachers, students and parents,

The Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) announced that in response to the increased risk of community transmission caused by local cases of unknown sources of infection in Taiwan, it raised the COVID-19 alert for Tainan City to the Quasi-Level-3(準三級). There are some new disease prevention and control measures are announced today. All IBST students and teachers must strictly abide by the following disease prevention and control measures.

School Policy

1. 全校師生進入校園一律全程配戴口罩。惟體育課可由任課老師視情況調整。請家長幫孩子準備3~5個口罩放在書包備用
Everyone needs to wear a mask at all times on campus. During P.E. class, the teachers may make modification by case. We strongly suggest that each student observe social distancing of at least 1.5 meters in indoor environments and 1 meter in outdoor environments. Parents please prepare 3~5 masks for your children in their backpack.
2. 全校校園(包括運動場和體育館在內)不對外開放。所有的訪客(包含家長)不可任意進入校園內,如有需要,須先與辦公室預約並於警衛室量測體溫及填寫實名制。
NNKIEH campuses, including sport fields and stadiums, are closed from the public. No visitors including parents are allowed in campus for students' safety. If a need arises, parents or guardians who want to visit IBST office may make an appointment first.  When visiting the campus, go to the security guard for a temperature check, wear masks and register personal information before entering into the office.
3. 進入校園的學生和教職員必須經過量測站量測體溫和進行手部消毒。我們強烈建議大家在到校前先在家裡量測體溫。為了確保每個人在進教室之前能再次確認體溫,請家長協助讓孩子及早抵達學校。如果超過8:00到校,也請孩子先到辦公室先量體溫。
Students and school faculties entering campuses are required to follow temperature-taking and hand sanitization measures. We strongly suggest that everyone needs to measure his/her temperature at home before coming to school.  To ensure that there is ample time to measure students’ temperature before entering the classroom, please have your kids arrive at school earlier. If they arrive later than 8:00 am., they must report to the office and take the body temperature first.
Please wash your hands frequently and to complete the disinfection clean-up rigorously and authentically every day in the classroom.


1. 學校所有集會活動須嚴守室內100人、室外500人之限制。
All school assemblies and activities need to follow the capacity limitation—indoor events cannot have more than 100 participants and outdoor activities cannot have more than 500 participants.
2. 因應國內疫情升溫,5月28日前所有原訂校外講師的研習活動將被取消。
In response to the escalation of the epidemic, all activities with outsiders before May 28 will be cancelled.
We have cancelled all field trips including G6 Camping and G10 World-Vegetable Center visit.
4. 取消5月26日高中部籃球賽,6月份八、九年級排球賽延期
We have cancelled the Senior high basketball tournament. G8 and G9 volleyball tournament will be postponed.
5. 取消所有游泳課程及游泳比賽
There will be no swimming class during P.E. sections. Cancel the G10&G5 swimming competition.
6. 取消六年級西餐禮儀
We have cancelled the G6 Dining Etiquette.
The IBST morning assembly will be canceled from 5/19.
We have cancelled the G7 HPV Injection.

Graduation Ceremony

1. 畢業典禮將縮小規模辦理,所有參加的畢業生都必須要戴口罩,以及實施實名制。
Graduation ceremonies should go small and virtual; graduates who attend must practice mask-wearing, hand hygiene, and real-name registration.
2. 僅畢業生及在校生致詞代表可以在場,家長無法到場觀禮,可透過線上觀看參與典禮。
Only G6, G9, G12 students and the G11 speech speaker can attend, no parents or guests allowed. The ceremony will be broadcast live on cable for parents to watch.

If there is any update in the following weeks, we will inform students and parents ASAP.

All the best