2021/06/09 2020-2021 SY 4th quarter online final exam.

Dear IBST parents,

The CDC and MOE announced that the school closure will extend to June 28, and students won't come back to school this semester.
Therefore we would like to let you know how will we do the final exam of this quarter.  
1. G1 to G8 final exam canceled. The grading policy still remains the same: Exams: 40%  Daily Performance: 60% 
2. G9 to G11 Final exam will be from June 28 to July 1st.  The class schedule remains the same to avoid confusion.
    Teachers choose their own class time to assess students.
    As for how to test students for their final, the teachers can arrange different ways that are easy access, fair and flexible for their class.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact teachers or admins via email or phone calls.

Stay safe and healthy.