2021/08/27 IBST Covid-19 Preventive Measure 南科實中110學年度開學防疫指引宣導

Dear IBST Community,  

Greetings! Welcome back to IBST!

Please be attentive to the following precautions due to the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

1. Entry School
Our school health and safety program start at home. We need your support to closely monitor the health of your students and check their body temperature before sending them to school. All schools in Taiwan are stating that anyone in self-monitoring or enhanced self-monitoring is not allowed on campus. This includes everyone who is currently self-monitoring and is attending school on campus. We trust that individuals impacted will honor the requirement and will return to school when their self-monitoring period has ended. Please do not return to campus until that period has concluded. If a student has a fever don’t come to school. If a student has a fever at school, s/he will need to be picked up by parents as soon as possible. Please be mindful that with the government-imposed campus access restrictions, we are not allowed parents or visitors onto campus
2. Mask Use
Masks are to be worn at all times at school except when eating in a designated space.
3. Dining Safety
Personal Acrylic shields will be provided in classrooms to ensure a safe dining experience.
4. Employee and Subcontractor Vaccination
You may have read of the government’s requirement for Kindergarten teacher and staff vaccinations. We exceed the government’s Kindergarten 80% vaccination rate requirement. In addition, while not required, we exceed an 80% employee and subcontractor vaccination rate throughout the entire school. Vaccinated employees, by the government standard, is defined as a person who has received 1 vaccination dose and for whom at least two weeks have passed since that dose. Anyone not meeting the vaccination requirement is subject to the government mandated COVID-19 testing requirements of one test per week. The School can and will ensure compliance with this requirement.
5. Program Suspensions
We will continue to update and reassure you with details about our ability to open safely. For now, swimming is suspended during September, and the playing of some musical instruments is suspended until such time that it is deemed safe and allowed to function.
6. Air Circulation Safety Measures
If classes use the A/C we ask that open a window at the opposite corner of the classroom, each open at least 15 cm.
7. Fever Screening Twice Daily in school
In addition to fever screening, when entering the school students must get their temperature taken (from 7:15 to 8:00 daily) at the first floor near the elevator before going to their homeroom or first class. A second fever screening will be conducted at lunch time.

Thank you to everyone for your  support and cooperation in keeping our community healthy and safe.
Hope you will continue to enjoy good health.