2021/09/17 9/25(Sat) PTA "Meet the homeroom/subject Teachers ONLINE" Schedule

Dear IBST Parents: 
You are cordially invited to IBST for the "Meet the homeroom/subject Teachers ONLINE" PTA from 08:00 to 12:00 on Saturday, September 25th. Due to COVID-19, the meeting will be held online and focus on communication between parents and homeroom/subject teachers. Please check your email and find the link, schedule a meeting time on the Google Doc to ensure that each parent has time to talk to teachers privately online. Teachers will announce the conference URL a day before the meeting and the reservation system will be closed at the same time.
You will meet with your child’s homeroom teacher for the first 30 mins. After the Homeroom Meeting session, all the subject teachers will be ready for the online meeting with individual parent. Please understand that parents who have not made an appointment with subject teachers in advance will not be accepted to join the meeting temporarily. From 9:00 to 10:00, parents are highly encouraged to join in the meeting with our college counselor, Ms. Amanda Purifoy who will deliver a presentation on college admissions for all parents.
In order to make time enough for every parent to be able to meet with teachers, please limit conversation to 10 minutes at most. If you have more questions than time allows or a scheduling conflict and are unable to make an appointment on PTA day, you are welcome to contact the homeroom teachers, subject teachers and admins directly to reschedule a suitable time for a discussion. In order for your concerns to be properly addressed, please write the question(s) you have for IBST in the Parents Opinion Poll (please read email for details), or send an email message to
All the best