2022/06/21 2022-2023 SY IBST Friday Club List

Dear IBST G7-G12 students,

2022-2023 SY IBST Friday Club options as following(Alphabetical Order):

(1)3D Modeling Technology
(5)Coding and Math
(6)Culture Interactions
(7)Film Appreciation
(8)German(Level 2)
(9)Home Economics
(10)Model United Nations

1. A minimum of five students is required for a club. A club will be cancelled should there be less than 5 students sign up. Those students will be asked to re-select another club instead.
2. No credits will be given, with the exception that students in the class of 2023-2024 shall receive 2 credits should they stay in MUN club for two years.
3. Students are allowed to add or drop clubs only once in the third week after semester begins (9/12-16). Each club must have at least 5 members. If there is any club that has only five students, the club members cannot drop out.
4. Club teachers have the right to limit the number of club members and set special requirements for the purpose of the course. We will notify the students who fail to select their desired club to re-select another club.

For more information, please see the email. Please check your eamil and fill out the google survey by June.27. Thank you!