2022/09/17 Parent -Teacher Day, 1st Semester, 2022-23 School Year

Parent -Teacher Day, 1st Semester, 2022-23 School Year

Dear Parents:                                                    
You are cordially invited to IBST for the "Meet the Teachers" Open House
A.M 8:
 30 to 11:30 on Saturday, Sep. 24th.
Due to covid-19, the school needs to limits the number of parents coming to the school. One parent per child is strong preferred.

1. The 3 sessions are as follows
(1)  8:30 ~ 10:00  Meet with your child’s Homeroom & Core Subject teachers in their homeroom. (Parents stay on your child's seat)
(2) 10:00 ~ 10:20 Admin Meeting
(3) 10:20 ~ 11:30 Meet with your child’s teacher one on one, face to face in deginated rooms.

See the email for a map of teachers’ classrooms.
You can make an appointment before Sep. 23rd Fri  (Deadline : Sep. 23rd 11:59 P.M).   Please check your email for the reservation information. 

Download: IBST Parents' Day Info 2022-2023 S1