2022/11/07 2022-23 First Quarter Midterm Exam Schedule

2022-23 First Quarter Midterm Exam Schedule

Nov. 7th to 11th: G1-6 Midterm Exam Week
Nov. 10th -11th: G7-12 Midterm Exam

Attached is G7-12 Midterm Exam Schedule.
Download: Q1 G7-12 midterm exam schedule

*Make up Exam Notice*

Student needs to make up all exams on the day as they return to school.

First, student needs to report to IBST office directly and is not allowed to go back to his/her class before completing all exams.

Second, student should finish all exams in one day if possible. 1.5 days will be the maximum which means no study period between exams. The maximum exam duration for G1-G6 is 50 minutes per exam and for G7-G12 is 70 minutes per exam. .

Third, student can go back to regular class schedule when finishing all exams.

If you have any questions, please contact IBST office.
Thanks for your help and support.