2022/12/08 2022-2023 2nd Semester After-school Club Online Registration

NNKIEH IBST & Elementary Dept. 2022-2023 2nd Semester After-school Club Online Registration
南科實中雙語部&國小部 111學年度第二學期課後社團網路報名相關事宜(2023/2/13~2023/6/29)

Online Registration: December 20th (20:00 pm) to December 27th (20:00 pm), 2022.  
The results of registration can be viewed on the registration web page and will be posted on the school website by January 6th, 2023.
※網路報名期間為2022年12月20日(20:00 pm)至12月27日(20:00 pm)。2023年1月6日 17:00pm以前公告課後社團錄取名單。

Download: 111S2 IBST After-school Club Online Registration 111S2雙語部課後社團簡章
Download: 111S2 Elementary Dept. After-school Club Online Registration 111S2國小部課後社團簡章

 Please note:
1. Note the time for Online Registration. Late application might not be accepted due to limited spots for each club. 

2. If your child do not have a Taiwanese ID, please enter the ARC number. If your child has updated ARC number recently and if the newly updated ARC number doesn't work, please try the old ARC number. If this should happen, please let Ms. Sandy know the most updated ARC number so the information can be updated for the registration website.

3. IBST G1-G2 students can only sign up for IBST clubs. Elementary G1-G2 clubs only opens to Elementary dept students due to Elementary Dept. policy. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ms. Sandy at (06)505-2916#7108 or at