2023/02/09 IBST Make-up Exam Policy

  IBST Make-up Exam Policy
passed in the IBST Curriculum meeting on December 27th, 2022
passed in the School-wide Staff meeting on January 19th, 2023
IBST Make-up Exam Policy will be implemented from February 13th, 2023 in the 2nd semester of 2022-2023 school year.

Midterms and Final Examinations
Midterms and Final examinations are given to students throughout each semester. The examinations may count as much as 20% toward the final grade which a student receives in a course. A special daily class schedule and examination schedule will be announced for 7th – 12th grade classes during the week prior to exams. It is the student’s responsibility to meet the exam schedule. Students who find it necessary to be absent from school during semester exams must contact their teacher(s) to make arrangements for making up exams (see below). No semester exams will be given ahead of the scheduled time. Semester exams must be completed within one week upon the student’s return to school or within the first two weeks of summer vacation. Exams not completed during this period will be given a grade of F unless arrangements have been made with the teacher prior to the scheduled exam date.

Make-up Midterm and Final Exams
A student is allowed to make-up a midterm or final examination when the student’s leave has been approved and considered valid (see Attendance). A student who misses the exam will not be allowed to take a make-up examination and will be given a zero if the absence is considered ‘unexcused’ (see Attendance). The penalty imposed on the make-up examination will determined as follows:
  1. No penalty should the leave be considered official, bereavement, sickness (with medical documentation).
  2. If the student’s leave is classified as personal leave, a student’s exam scores below 60% will be kept as is.  There will be a 30% penalty for any score in excess of 60% - e.g. a student that scores a 70% would receive a 67% [60% + .7(10%)]; a student that received a 100% would receive an 88%. 
Make-up Exam Grading Reference
original score 30% penalty score earned
60+ (n-60) *0.7
100 60+(100-60)*0.7 88
90 60+(90-60)*0.7 81
80 60+(80-60)*0.7 74
70 60+(70-60)*0.7 67
60 60 60
50 50 50