International school

  International school can provide international education for children of foreign talents. At present, there are 21 Educational Institutions for Foreign Residents in our nation, including 14 American schools (5 in Taipei, 3 in Hsinchu and Kaohsiung , 2 in Taichung , and 1 in New Taipei and Taoyuan), 1 Taipei European School, 3 Japanese School (1 in Taipei, 1 in Taichung and 1 in Kaohsiung), and 2 Korean School (1 in Taipei and 1 in Kaohsiung).

  Besides fulfilling the purpose of recruiting high-tech professionals, the Ministry of Science and Technology would also like to ensure the educational rights of the Science Park staff’s children. Both National Experimental High School at Science Park and National Nanke International Experimental High School provide domestic and international programs. Both school have restrictions on admission, and must meet the admission requirements of
“Regulation Governing the Admission of Students to Bilingual Departments of Schools or Bilingual Schools at Senior Secondary Level or Below in Science Parks” to apply.