2019/06/26 AIHSNCCU Admission Application

  The Affiliated High School of National Chengchi University (AHSNCCU) announces that they start recruiting children of foreign experts in various fields.

  From the 108th school year, they will provide international courses. In order to put a halt to the outflow and maintain the competitiveness of our nation, the Executive Yuan has been endeavoring on hiring global talents and building a friendly environment for them. Thus, AHSNCCU becomes the first public school to establish specialized classes, electives, and advanced placement (AP) courses for foreign students.

  These courses are designed in accordance with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) of the United States of America and the 12-year compulsory education law. From June 14th to July 5th of 2019, AHSNCCU is recruiting offspring of foreign talent that fits the standard of the “Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals” (Yet, children of foreign teachers of cram schools are not included).

  AHSNCCU will become a bilingual international high school, and will be known as The Affiliated International High School of National Chengchi University (AIHSNCCU). Welcome all gifted children who are qualified to apply. We expect you to learn and develop your own talents on such a lively and diverse campus.


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